NOTE: The word "heart " appears approximately 1,000 times in the Bible.

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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK — The Inter-dimensional Traveler




chapter 1 — types of travel

chapter 2 — awakening to you

chapter 3 — settling in at home

chapter 4 — astral projection

chapter 5 — energy travel

chapter 6 — dream time

chapter 7 — inter-dimensional travel

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chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7

Please read the messages in order. You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words. So, when you hear a video of channeled messages, you will NEVER hear "uh," etc. These entities do NOT make errors in their words. They do not "grasp" at words. That is how you know that they are authentic as delivered.

Coeus has hidden some clues in his messages on his and my incarnations; see if you can find them.


Coeus (my first encounter)—

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) —

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Emmanuel & The Holy Father —  (grace to thee)

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Emmanuel — (time collapsing)

Emmanuel — ("Banana Gate")

Emmanuel & Me — (disclosure)

Emmanuel — (The Emerald City)

Emmanuel — (The Wand)

Emmanuel — (Slipping Away)

Emmanuel — (over-soul memories)

Coeus' / Emmanuel's Energies


The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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A Channeled Message from Emanuel / Immanuel / Emmanuel, Speaker of Truths; Yielder of the Vernacular Sword (1/7/18)

When I'm channeling the God Emmanuel, I hear him through each beat of my heart, in 4-5 words, then there is a lull, or I leave my body and go be with him in the energies; inter-dimensionally for a chat, or "off-the-cuff;" as we call it. That way we can have a full discussion, as he often likes me to visually describe, what I see, when I'm with him, or summarize our conversations. He also just likes to be with me, as I am his wife and he my divine husband. After all, every king has a queen and I am known as The Queen of the Gods and Queen of New Earth.

(D) Prior to beginning my channeled message, I always notice that my heart beats stronger. Often times it feels like it’s skipping a beat or it is palpitating; for lack of better words. This is my key that Emmanuel is trying to contact me. It allows me time to sync my sacred heart with Emanuel's sacred heart for the most effective means of communication, one without any errors.

(D) This morning, I put my hands into a prayer position; directly over my sacred heart. This causes my heart beat to be felt in my brain and all the fingertips in my hands through chakra points.

(D) If you Google “Mother Mary in Prayer,” take note as to how her hands are placed. The hand position is over her sacred heart. You’ll also see pictures of Mother Mary’s sacred heart and her hands showing it.

 (D) If you read my message from Cronus, dated 1/2/18, you’ll see how I utilized this method, to hone in on my sacred heart to receive his messages:

(D) I’m not sure who’s talking here, I believe its still Cronus. He’s showing me someone in prayer. He is showing me the need to pray and transmute the energies. 

(D) I put my hands into a prayer position over my sacred heart. My, what I refer to as “auxiliary chakras” in my fingertips are pulsating with my sacred heart.

(D) Before I started falling asleep, you were saying something, and now you’re finishing the sentence. It was something about vibration.

(D) I had a couple dreams and you were showing me how the dreams carry vibration. You had me holding a flat owl and you were saying that “this has a different vibration” than the other things that you were showing me.

(D) You were saying that each word, even those within a dream have a “different vibrational weight.” Oh, here you are. You don’t normally show me things in a dream this way.

  The truths…

 (D) What are you doing here? You’re teaching me differently and it’s much harder to learn this way.

  …reveals the weights…

 (D) The words actually felt heavy and it’s confusing this way.

  …the frequencies reveal the truths.

 (D) Now I have some kind of weird sense of vibration that ran through my sacred heart and it gave me a headache in the center of my 3rd eye; an agitated sensation.

  That’s be-cause…

 (D) You hardly ever use the word “because.” Then the word became strange sounding, like be and cause. So it sounded more like two words; not one word.

  ...frequencies differ in spoken dialects; languages.

 (D) I kind-of-get, what you-are-trying to-teach-me. The word was flat that I was holding, but you said be-cause, so there was a different weight to the word. That means that the entire words meaning can be altered by how it’s said; the frequency.

  Good, you’re paraphrasing dictates your abilities to affectively express these truths accurately.

 (IDT) So Emmanuel and I have been chatting. He said that he’ll “wait gladly for me to explain the physical sensations that I’m experiencing."

 (D) This lesson is giving me head trauma, as I call it. I was going to reach for some aspirin, because of his headache is in the middle of my 3rd eye and was pulsing. Then it shifted to my stomach and was feeling the pulsing there. It made me nauseous; which is better than the headache.

  That is because the receptors in the brain…

 (D) I’m getting distracted by the light show that’s starting.

  …are hidden themselves, during heightened states of awareness.

  Catastrophe’s rapture one’s own ability to decipher these words of truths within logic / linguistic receptors that are…

 (D) He says for me to explain it. It’s a headache again. Keep going; it hurts, but it’s OK.

 (D) So every time that my head pounds, I get this lightshow happening.

 (D) It’s very hard to explain. Emmanuel is taking a paint brush and splashing the light around. Its little bursts of light. I’m thinking too hard. I’m still stuck on the next word. Ramparts? Maybe it is ramparts.

 (D) Oh, ramparts. I get it. You’re singing the "Star Spangled Banner." I think that you changed the words a little bit.

  …ramparts bursting in air, gave truth through the night.

 (D) So what is the entire point of what you are telling me and why do I still have a headache?

  The truths require fine tuning.

 (IDT) OK, I thought that I was delirious for a minute. You looked like you were wearing a penguin suit. You’re holding a tray with a screwdriver on it and have a white towel hanging over your arm like you did once before.

 (D) LOL, I just realized after I read this transcribed comment that Emmanuel was dressed as a waiter that was wearing a tuxedo over his owl body.

 (D) It’s been so cold here. We actually have ice on the lake. When the ice cracks, it’s like a burst of energy that hits against the boat and it startles me. Like what you said about ramparts.

 (D) Now I’m seeing the word, defies or defiles. I’m trying to “scope it out,” to figure out what he’s saying.

  Truths pictorially.

 (IDT) This is such a different way of teaching me. Now it looks like you’re painting a picture for me.

 (D) When that ice cracks and hits the hull, it vibrates through every piece of aluminum on the boat. It goes right through your body. Similar to the ramparts you spoke about in my head.

  You need to explain this process to them. 

(D) So I was saying to him, the only way to get rid of these headaches sometime, is to use my shiatsu massage chair at the farm. I can set it to work the back of my head where the muscles meet the skull. It’s like a deep tissue massage.

  Those vibrations get trapped in the muscle tissues. They need to be released through pressure points; natures receptors, a natural defense against photogenic attacks on the central nervous systems cerebral cortex.

  You are experiencing them now.

 (D) Yes, I would say that I am. Oh man.

  Oh woman.

  I can help you with those.

  Pressures need synchronized…

 (D) It looks like he’s taking two fingers and pointing the index fingers together and touching them straight on with the finger tips.

 (D) Sorry, all of the sudden I was caught up in the moment of ecstasy or peace.


 (D) And it’s gone. Thanks for short-lived ecstasies. I really liked that feeling.

  Talking to oneself is futile.

 (IDT) We were talking back and forth and I wasn’t saying it out loud. We were talking about Gaia and that she must be experiencing the same kind of pressures. She probably needs to release them as a planetary being; not a flesh being like myself.

  Your sense of the linguistic defies logic.

  Planetary beings; plural. She is one within the one for example.

  Rest “Grasshopper,” there is much to learn as you know it.

 (D) Grasshopper was a character from the TV show Kung Fu when I was growing up. Grasshopper was the student of a Kung Fu Master. I am Emmanuel student and scribe.

 (IDT) We’re now owls again. Bowing; acknowledging each other. He’s holding me from behind with his big wing, helping me to relax.

 (D) Now that was interesting. It was such a light-hearted feeling when he was holding me. He pointed out that the vibration was different than when I held the flat owl.

(D) Well, I thought you were being sweet and romantic again, not showing me the difference in vibration. You are a good hugger.

  It’s a different vibrational sense of being.

  I love you. You’re a good hugger too.

 (D) I love you too.

 (D) I asked him about his wife Phoebe. History says that you lived away from your wife Phoebe. How come they don’t know anything about us?

  Intellect and wisdom are fortuitous foes indeed. They go hand-in-hand down memories lane, chorley (?)…

 (D) OK, he wants me to tell you what just happened.

(D) I got hung-up on the word clearly. All of the sudden my sinus’ drained. Now they are clear. Now I don’t even remember what we were talking about.

  …clearly unseen; depicting truths. Untold truths for the decay of societies and collect the ability to discern truths that are spiraling down, down, down the...

 (D) I heard a toilet flushing and got the word “drain.”

  drain. Sadly and (?)…

 (IDT) He’s acting this out.

  ..there was a brilliant idea…

 (IDT) His finger is up in the air and there is a light bulb.

  Ascension. It was a revelation, a grand unveiling, walls coming down; crashing down.

 (D) Just at that moment, I got slammed with ice again. Talk about divine timing; wow it was like jarring. Are you trying to make a point with all of this? It scared me.

 (D) It was when you said that word, “crashing.” All of the sudden the ice crack and the vibration slammed into the hull of the boat again. It amazes me how you can manipulate not only my bodily functions, but everything around me.

  The truth of the matter is, jarring can’t describe untold truths.

 (D) I feel like he's pushing on my nose this time; “right on the nose.”

  On your nose.

  There were pontiferous schnozzola’s that sniffed out the facts, unwanton truths, disbeliefs, and chaos. Humanity your rule/reign of terror ends; both with walls crashing down upon their heads there’s a spark of bewilderment on your faces, and your face to make these fine words of truths.

 (IDT) I’m my little owl self again looking up at him waiting patiently.

 (D) I asked him why he looks so big all of the time. He very tall with a big chest and he towers over me.

  Truths reign supreme over all.

 (IDT) He looks like Superman standing there.

 (D) WOW! That’s the sonar sound that I heard earlier today. I was lying here, and was going to ask you about the sound that I heard today, when I was putting my Christmas decorations away in the hull under the front deck. I came back up onto the deck and that’s when I heard the sound. It lasted for about 5 seconds and reverberated though the hollow. I’ve never heard that sound with ice before. It’s almost like an old metal saw flexing and snapping; not the boom sound that I’ve been hearing.

 (D) I think we’re done.