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ASK, SEEK, KNOCK The Inter-dimensional Traveler



chapter 1 types of travel

chapter 2 awakening to you

chapter 3 settling in at home

chapter 4 astral projection

chapter 5 energy travel

chapter 6 dream time

chapter 7 inter-dimensional travel

Channeled messages from Coeus, God of Intellect

You might want to read each one a couple times; it helps. Coeus has a huge vocabulary and is very selective of his words.


Coeus (my first encounter) 12/7/17

Ed (Exclusively Diane's) 12/8/17

Coeus  & Cronus 12/9/17

Coeus  & Athena (the stone heart) 12/13/17

Coeus  (the little book) 12/15/17

Coeus 12/17/17

Coeus  (the lies & Hollywood) 12/18/17

Coeus  (vibration) 12/19/17

Coeus  (teaching through light) 12/20/17

Coeus  (explorer of truths) 12/22/17

Coeus  (time, shifts, slippage, & splits; acted out!) 12/24/17

Coeus (the divine marriage) 12/25/17

Coeus (time loop variables) 12/28/17

Coeus (Immanuel's wife & simultaneous time events) 12/31/17

Coeus & Cronus (the cup) 1/2/18

Coeus (morning message on the pineal and ascension) 1/3/18

Coeus (evening message on Athena) 1/3/18

Coeus (morning message on testing the spirits) 1/4/18

Coeus (morning message; bad news) 1/5/18

Coeus (vibration) 1/7/18

Coeus (our love) 1/8/18

Coeus (wild fire) 1/9/18

Coeus (lifted up) 1/10/18

Coeus & Zeus (bindings) 1/11/18

Coeus (feeling separation) 1/13/18

Coeus (making strides) 1/14/18

Coeus (weights of words) 1/15/18

Coeus (word weights) 1/18/18

Coeus (disclosure & revolution) 1/19/18

Coeus (more disclosure) 1/20/18

Coeus & Cronus (receptivity stimuli) 1/23/18

Coeus & Athena (using words wisely) 1/26/18

Holy Father 1/30/18 (grace to thee)

Coeus & Athena 1/31/18 (judgment on the super blue blood moon)

Coeus (time collapsing) 2/4/18

Coeus ("Banana Gate") 2/5/18

"Psychic" training and disclosure

Coeus (over-soul memories) 2/9/18

Coeus & Me (disclosure) 2/10/18

The Inter-dimensional Traveler
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Channeled Message from the Holy Father 1/30/18

Tomorrow is the January 31st Blue Moon; Leo Full moon.  LMAO...February 2nd ; Ground Hog Day will have a lot of time-related events; time splits, shifts, and slips. This should be interesting.


(D) That means, OK; it's a slang. About an hour later The Holy Father spoke.

"Grace to thee who hear Him my Son."

The New Man Bible

Revelation 22:21
The grace of the Lord Y'shua be with all of you.

For other "translations," see: BibleHub


After the Father spoke, I was shown some "visions."


I’m standing at the back of a small transport bus as an observer. I see the driver with light color hair driving the bus. There is a man, sitting on the same side of the bus; behind the driver. He's two rows behind the driver, facing backwards. A woman approached the seated man, bent over and started talking to him. I'm not sure what she was saying to him, but she was explaining something to him.

The woman then walked up to the driver, bent down, and whispered in the driver's ear. She seemed to know the bus driver well. It appears that this man is being transported to someplace specific and she was explaining the location to the driver.


Now I hear a man speaking in a foreign dialect. Something about a man name Miguel or Michael in English. Michael translated in Hebrew; mīkhā'ē'l, means, "Who is like God." He's an archangel.


I see a little boy and he's holding a small, cotton gray, stuffed sheep or lamb; nothing fancy. His Father walked over and called him Zechariah. At first, I thought he said Zech-ariah (2 words), but it was the weight of the words. The Father bent over the little boy and untied his shoelaces and took off his shoes, because his feet were bound.

NOTE: I haven't read the Book of Zechariah. I actually didn't even know there was one in the Bible. I briefly skimmed it and it is also about Revelation and the horsemen.

That was interesting. I got a quick headache. When I see the image and talk about it, the pressure is released.

Hey, it felt like someone just took their fist and softly “bonked” me on the top-left part of the crown of my head. It sent a shock wave down through my body, causing me to “flinch.”

I heard a man say, “Give me that knife little girl.” twice. I looked down and she was a little over-weight and wearing some denim capri-style pants, because I could see her calves.